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Learn more about cellulite removal and what causes excess cellulite build up.
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Its important to know what is cellulite and how it can affect your body and overall health.

what is cellulite treatment rid 

lumpy and dimpled skin

Excess cellulite in parts of the body causes lumpy, dimpled and odd textured skin. This cellulite build up usually affects the buttocks and thighs.

what is cellulite treatment rid 

hormones and age

Hormones play a big factor in excess cellulite build up. Estrogen, insulin, noradrenaline and thyroid hormones plays a part in cellulite production.

what is cellulite treatment rid 

genetic factors

Ones genes can be correlated to ones metabolism, circulatory levels and fat distribution and this can affect the chance of cellulite developing.

what is cellulite treatment rid 

dietary factors

Cellulite isn't necessarily caused by toxins, most times its caused by an inappropriate dietary lifestyle. Eating and living healthy plays a big factor in cellulite production.


wonders of ridding cellulite

Removing excess cellulite has a big benefit to your overall health and even confidence.

anti aging skin

Perhaps the most noticeable benefit of getting rid of cellulite is the immediate effect it has on your skin. It makes the skin much more youthful and tight due to the lack of cellulite causing lumps and bumps. 

better blood circulation

Cellulite treatment can have a positive effect on your body's blood circulation. This is possible with specialized massages to remove excess fluids and cupping therapy.


Making use of cellulite treatment will guaranteed to make you look and feel great. Your body will feel better which in return makes you much more at ease and confident.

greater overall health

Having an excess amount of cellulite can be toxic to your body as it halts natural processes and burdens your self confidence. Removal of unneeded cellulite with definitely benefit both your mental and physical health. 


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celebrities using treatments

From cellulite treatments to cupping therapy its no secret that celebrities are using these methods to retain their beauty and youthfulness.

cellulite treatment cupping therapy jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston using cupping therapy

The Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston is no stranger to the holistic methods of cupping therapy. This therapy is perhaps one of the secrets to her amazing youthful looks and beauty.

cellulite treatment cupping therapy kim kardashian

kim kardashian using facial cupping 

The star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian has shown to be using facial cupping as a way to make her face youthful and beautiful.

cellulite treatment cupping therapy miranda kerr

Miranda kerr using exfoliation

Miranda Kerr says in a interview that she uses a form of exfoliation to help with her blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to get rid of cellulite.

cellulite treatment cupping therapy jennifer lopez

JENNIFER lopez rids cellulite with a diet

Jennifer Lopez is famous for a strict and extreme diets. And with the help of Howard Murad, MD, she make sure she eats correctly to get rid of cellulite and strengthen the skin with food.

Celebs Using Cupping Therapy


know more about cellulite

Just as using these methods to rid cellulite, its also important to know more about cellulite and how it works

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